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In order to ensure that the success of our oyate and that our identified needs and priorities are met, it is essential to ensure that our ability to govern and manage them has strength, integrity and is built to utilize everyone’s energy and contribution to its maximum potential.   We are a people with great gifts, great knowledge and skill.   The potential we have to work together productively can only be fully realized if we do differently than we have done.


In our history, governing societies overlapped in their obligation to the people.  They communicated, they cooperated, they talked to each other and they were not competitive.   Can we establish a way of working that honors that tradition and works in a modern age integrally with a dominant system at odds with it?  Yes we can and we will be better for it.


True to our tradition, four directions guide us in building a foundation that will strengthen everything we do.  The plans that are outlined below are the first steps in a journey to achieve our tribe’s maximum potential as a nation and secure the decisions of previous planning efforts.  It is the  intent of this document to be a living document that continues to evolve, expand and grow in each subsequent administration as a guidepost for strategic development.


The plan is focusing on building the effectiveness of constitutional reform and by surrounding all that we do with the Lakota Values of Generousity, Bravery, Respect and Wisdom, we believe it is possible to  begin a process of supporting our people in a more essential way from within, less dependent on government and outside interests.  It is for this reason that we are proposing, through this document, a plan that does not ignore the peoples specific needs, but rather improves the overall ability of our Tribe to be more independently self-sufficient in meeting those needs.


This plan is a beginning, not an end.  Ultimately it is a small step but nevertheless a step forward in creating a way of working that is more congruent with who we aspire to be as a people.



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