What is a Constitution?


A Constitution is a written record of a body of basic principles, privileges, rights and limitations that a governing body must abide.


Is the Constitution Reform Initiative Taskforce going to write the new Constitution before presenting it to the Oglala Sioux Tribal members and tribal council?


No. The taskforce is going to engage the community throughout the process in order to receive feedback from people. The taskforce will be holding meetings in each community within the coming year as well as setting up a website where members can retrieve updated information regarding the Initiative. When the taskforce feels that it has enough community input and support then they will start to draft the initial constitution changes for the entire Nation’s approval.


Is the Tribal Council in charge of the Constitution reform?


No. The Community is in charge of what is going to be included in the Constitution. This is an opportunity to showcase what makes the Oglala Sioux Tribe unique. As Oglala Sioux Tribe Members, we can focus on creating an environment that honors our past, as well as, sets a firm foundation for our future generations.


Why is the constitution important to me?


Constitution Reform is an opportunity for each citizen to voice their opinion on what kind of government and future they want for the Oglala Sioux Tribal Nation. Without the support and input from the community the Initiative will not be as successful as it could be.


Who will be drafting the final constitution and when will that happen?


The final draft of the new Oglala Sioux Tribal Constitution does have timeline. The community, the members will fill out the constitutional reform surveys, the surveys will be collected will determine what revisions to the 17 articles and a legal attorney will assist in the revisions of the articles that will determine the content accurately reflects the views of the Nation. The revisions will again will go to the people for input.


How can I help out?


The Constitution Reform Initiative will provide opportunities for community members to help the taskforce in a variety of ways. When the website is complete, there will be a portion that will allow community members to be connected directly with the effort. Tribal members may also contact Taskforce members, to receive further information.


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